Moon Warlords

Moon Warlords is the 1st foray into science fiction of our Managing Director, Mr Wilson Foo. Visit to sign up for a FREE copy for a limited time only! Alternatively, visit to purchase a paperback.


Chandor is a chemical engineer from earth. He goes to the moon and first lands on Lintal, a presidential republic. Chandor's life on the moon quickly takes on numerous twists and turns. He is suspected of sabotage by Lintal and is expelled to Clidurna, a parliamentary democracy. Once there, Chandor makes a strange discovery that puts his life in peril. He is framed and detained, then finds himself kidnapped by the third power on the moon, Blissaune. With his life topsy turvy, will the earthling Chandor be able to clear his name, put his life in order, and even find true love on the moon?

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