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Dunes of Terror is a board game, now released for a public beta test. 2 sides, the Police Special Forces (Blue Team) and the Terrorist Gangster Criminals (Red Team), fight it out to the death.

For many years, peace had reigned in the land. Regrettably, over time, a group of Terrorist Gangster Criminals arose in the land. They committed all manner of crimes including murder, torture, kidnapping and robbery, terrorising the innocent civilians. With a heavy heart, Parliament has voted to approve the use of lethal armed force by the Police Special Forces to eliminate the Terrorist Gangster Criminals.

The object of each team is to kill all characters on the other team. You will have numerous weapons with which to kill the enemy characters. You will earn a credit of $10 in-game for each enemy character killed, which can be used to buy more weapons and ammunition.

Currently, all maps are random maps and the starting positions of all characters are random. Further development of this game is planned in the future.

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