The Viral Game

(Android & Microsoft Store Only)

We have now added in Vaccination! You can boost the attack of your white blood cells against the viruses by vaccinating with mRNA!

Humanity is facing an unprecedented threat. The world is plagued by invisible enemies, namely, the unholy trinity of SARS, MERS & now the new and powerful Virus hitherto unknown to humankind. The people of the world are uniting like never before to battle the evil forces of the Viruses.

You are the leader of the red & white blood cells  in the body. You must command the blood cells well to defeat the viruses of SARS, MERS & the new Virus. Your life depends on it! You will be given some time to prepare before the Viruses invade the body. Once they start invading the body, destroy all Viruses to win.

This game is known as The Viral Game on Android and the Microsoft Store due to their current policies of not allowing apps containing a keyword naming the new Virus to be published unless they are developed by government organisations.

By using and continuing to use this software, you agree unequivocally to all the terms, all of which are conditions, contained in the Licence Agreement. If you disagree with the Licence Agreement or any part thereof, cease & desist from using this software immediately.

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