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The all new cross platform version of Caselist Free BETA has been released for Beta Testing (beta test approved and supported by LawNet (Singapore))! It is now free and ad-supported. Caselist allows users to batch download legal cases from the Internet. No more clicking on links one by one to download every case cited in your court submissions or academic treatises! What's more, it now allows you to save your downloads into a ZIP file!

Download a FREE ad-supported Beta version for testing:

AndroidGoogle Play
WindowsMicrosoft StoreInstaller
Chrome ExtensionChrome Web Store (warning: known issues with saving of PDF)
iPad / iPhoneWeb version (Experimental) (warning: unstable due to numerous known issues)


If Caselist is unable to run on Windows or is stuck at the updating screen, try running it as an administrator. If you see a Windows SmartScreen warning, click "More Info" followed by "Run anyway". Also, please allow Caselist to communicate on all networks in Windows Firewall. In any event, you are recommended to use the Microsoft Store version.

If you are unable to open Caselist on Mac, please refer to the instructions at as we do not have an Apple Developer signature.

How does Caselist work?

Caselist automates the downloading of cited cases by scanning files which you open for case citations which reference cases in supported databases. You will then be able to select which of those cases you wish to download.

When the Download button is clicked, it downloads all of the selected cases to your hard drive in a format of your choice in the background, saving precious time which would otherwise be needed to download each of those cases manually.

You can also create bundles for use in Court, particularly, Bundles of Authorities. There is also a nifty tab generation function.

Features of Caselist

  • Download cases from multiple databases in one click.
  • Intuitive user interface - simply Open, deselect unneeded cases (if necessary) and Download.
  • Support for opening PDF, Microsoft Office and files.
  • No complex configuration required.
  • Generation of Court bundles, including but not limited to Bundles of Authorities.
  • Generation of tab pages for use in letters, Affidavits, etc.


Great software, thank you.
~ Ryan Parker
Great project.
~ Ian
Good work.
~ Lukas

Testimonials taken from Lawnet Downloader's review page.

The current jurisdictions supported are Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

By using and continuing to use this software, you agree unequivocally to all the terms, all of which are conditions, contained in the Licence Agreement. If you disagree with the Licence Agreement or any part thereof, cease & desist from using this software immediately.

Please contact us for further enquiries.

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