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Having a hard time deciding? It takes just a roll of the dice to decide your life! Key in up to 20 of your options in the premium version, or up to 10 options in the ad supported version, into the text boxes. You can drag them up and down or click up and down buttons to rearrange them. After that, just click roll dice and let the dice decide what you can't make up your mind on! In the premium version, you can also adjust the dice settings.

AndroidGoogle Play (Premium)Google Play (Ads)
WindowsMicrosoft Store (Premium)Microsoft Store (Ads)Installer (Ads)
iPad / iPhoneWeb version (Experimental)

Features of DiceDecidilo

  • Key in the options
  • Drag them up and down or use the up and down buttons to rearrange them
  • Options can be deleted
  • Roll the dice
  • Change the dice appearance and behaviour in the settings for the Premium version
  • See the history of your dice rolls and copy them to roll again

Please contact us for further enquiries.

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