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Sendall is a mass personalised message sending app for social networks. Send messages in bulk to all of your friends who are connected to you on your social networks! You can send Christmas greetings, company announcements and more. The same message can be sent across more than 1 social network with a single click. Sendall currently supports Twitter and LinkedIn (experimental).

WARNING: Sendall is not to be abused for the purposes of sending spam messages. Only send messages to people whom, to your knowledge, agree to receive them. Sendall is currently experimental and by using Sendall, you hereby indemnify us fully for all damages, loss and costs, including legal costs on a solicitor-and-client indemnity basis, whatsoever and howsoever incurred, including but not limited to the banning of your social media account(s).

*Credits are required for sending messages. Credits may be obtained free by watching advertisements (Android only) or by allowing us to contact you for marketing purposes. Otherwise, credits will need to be purchased via Google Play or PayPal from within the app.

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