Wireless@SGx Linux

As a community service project for our fellow Linux using Singaporeans, we have created an unofficial GUI frontend for the wasg-register.py script! Download it from https://snapcraft.io/wasg-register-gui.

To use:

  1. Enter your phone number (you must keep the prefix of 65 in front)
  2. Enter your date of birth in mm/dd/yy format (ya, I know we normally use dd/mm/yyyy but this is due to WxWidgets, not my fault hor)
  3. Click Register!
  4. Wait for the prompt to enter the SMS OTP (it can take quite a while even after you've got the SMS)
  5. Enter the SMS OTP and click OK
  6. Connect to the Wireless@SGx WiFi network in your distro, copying and pasting the User ID and Password as provided by the app
  7. Any other output and/or error messages will be displayed in the corresponding boxes in the Credentials tab.

For documentation on the advanced options, please check out https://github.com/zerotypic/wasg-register (not done by us).

For any bug reports, please submit them on the issues page at https://github.com/customautosys/wasg-register-gui/issues.

Have fun!

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